Sony expands the list of games in which you can play through PlayLink

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Many have long known about PlayLink and the potential of this platform. Thanks to it, gamers, using their smartphones, can innovatively play some PS4 titles. Today we will talk about one of these games, called Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier. The release is prepared by the company Telltale, which means that we have a pleasant narrative game ahead of us.

Its main idea is that you, like other players, change the story line by voting, so there are many ramifications in the game that will not get bored. Many of those who personally tried it on themselves PlayLink argue that the platform does change the game, it seems that Sony is using smartphones to improve the game potential of new titles.

PlayLink has already reached the popular game That’s You, in which people have to answer each other’s funny questions. Moreover, the list of games supporting PlayLink is constantly increasing and we like this trend. For example, on October 24 there will be released Hidden Agenda – a criminal thriller, where you have to decide by vote to further the fate of the investigation.

On the same day, the world will see Knowledge is Power, a trivia, but a fun time killer, and also SingStar Celebration – the first karaoke game on PlayLink. And on March 13th will be released Frantics, a game in which smartphones will be used as innovative controllers.

We like the way Sony uses smartphones in the game world. If you have PS4 and you are interested in PlayLink, we will soon publish more interesting news for you on this topic.

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