Nexus showed a new trailer Durango on E3 2017

Nexus Pokazala Svezhiy Treyler Durango Na E3 2017

Recently, the company Nexus showed a new trailer Durango in the exhibition E3 2017. This MMORPG Survival with the open world, which in combination is an alternative universe, filled with dinosaurs.

In the trailer, there is a small background related to the attack of the dinosaur on the train and a series of gameplay fragments, thanks to which we can get acquainted with the basic mechanics of the game. In Durango, you have to survive on an uninhabited island, to fish, to get food, build and strengthen your home, engage in agriculture and much more.

The functionality of the game allows you to team up with other players to capture and tame some dinosaurs. Pet subject to training and may subsequently become a unit owner. Moreover, due to the wide range of combat scenarios, players cooperate to defeat the huge dinosaurs like T-Rex.

The game is scheduled for release 4th quarter of this year. Stay tuned, as soon as we receive the latest information with regards to Durango, then immediately it will publish.

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