Next Samsung Galaxy Note family smartphone will be released a month before iPhone 7 and will be called Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note

This year, Samsung decided to skip the marking «Note 6″ to name their new flagship smartphone as not «Galaxy Note 6″, but immediately «Galaxy Note 7″. Such information was mentioned by the South Korean resource ETNNews, referring to the representatives of the telecommunications industry.

In the current year, Samsung has decided to restore the former glory of Galaxy Note smartphones family. However, there is little doubt that this will be a full-fledged leader of corresponding characteristics and capabilities.

Galaxy Note 3

New data indicate that the smartphone may eventually receive the name of Galaxy Note 7. That is Samsung skip numbering six. It is alleged that this was done in order to bring the range flagships to a common denominator. However, few people doubt that forced Koreans to change the name of the flagship in anticipation of iPhone 7 release.

Initially, the new flagship of the Galaxy Note line 6, after the iPhone should debut 7. However, Seoul decided to make the announcement a month earlier. The September release of “Apple” smartphone will distract the attention of users that will affect the sale of South Korean news.

Source attributes that smartphone Note 7 will have curved glass display, which will cover the back side of the device. The device will be submitted a month before the start of IFA 2016, and the presentation of the new iPhone 7.

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