Leaked screenshots of iTunes 12.4 with a new design and a new side panel


Apple plans to simplify the interface of the media player iTunes. In the network appeared the screenshots of the new version under index 12.4 with a new design and alternative configurations menu.

ITunes 12.4

The first thing noteworthy, is the new drop-down menu iTunes. It can be used to switch between music, movies, TV shows and other media sections of the library. If you use the button Edit menu you can change: add new items, remove unnecessary ones. Quickly jump between sections with the help of the buttons “left to rightby analogy with the Finder.

Itunesupnext 3

ITunes 12.4 The developers have added a new sidebar, from which Apple refused in the previous major update. Panel allows you to view the contents of the library using the quick links: Artists, Songs, Genres, Albums, Recently added and Playlists. The music you want, you can drag and drop playlists from the main application window.

Itunesupnext 5

In addition, iTunes 12.4 will have a new menu with a large number of additional options. in the “View” section quickly move the contents of your library, you can use “the Media Kind” item. According to Apple the plan, the new menu will be easier to understand.

Itunesupnext 4

Finally, a number of changes will get built into the iTunes window mini-player. In particular, the panel “Next” has moved to the right side of the window and became a separate button.

Itunesupnext 1

The timing of the iTunes release 12.4 specific information yet. According to preliminary data, the update will be released in the coming weeks.

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