Leak: new Moto Z renders and MotoMod accessories

Moto Renders

On June 9 Lenovo will hold a big event Tech World, where the company will show their devices, and new devices under the brand Moto. We already know quite a lot about flagship Moto Z. Recently, the network got high-quality renderings of the new smartphone from Motorola, as well as unusual cases for them.

On one of the renders it is possible to estimate the appearance of Moto Z: smartphones in the body of metal and glass. Apparently, all have three color versions: black, silver and golden. On the camera sensor with an unusual design can be seen the name “Droid”, indicating about a special version of Moto Z for the US market and local operators.

Moto Cases

In addition, in the lower part of the body there are the same connectors for the covers, which also got an image in a network. Most likely, these cases previously were referred to as MotoMods – modes for your smartphone for different conditions and trends. Renders also have the special case for additional flash, zoom mechanism and a shutter button. Obviously, it is designed for photographers. Assigning the other two covers is difficult to determine.

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