In Instagram you can now publish video length 60 seconds


In 2013, the developers of the social network Instagram for the first time give users the ability to upload short video length of 15 seconds. As part of a monetization of the project, the advertisers got the opportunity to show users 60second spots. Now, when most users are accustomed to viewing such a relatively long video, the Instagram developers decided to remove the restriction for users.

According to information from the official developer blog, the new update of Instagram apps for Android and iOS allows users to upload videos up to 60 seconds. Also in the latest update improved the video editor that now allows you to make one clip from several small by stitching them together.

According to statistics from the developers of Instagram, in recent years, users began to pay attention to the videos in the reel about 40 % more. Create short videos like not only simple users but also for advertisers — for them it is a chance to clearly convey information about their product. It is expected that the new version of Instagram with an increased length of published video will be released soon. At the time of writing the news there is no update in Google Play or the App Store.

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