Google Translate was 10 years old


One of the most popular services of Google celebrates. Google Translate or the Translator was launched on 28 April 2006 the service has been operating for over 10 years, offering users from around the world a convenient tool to transfer text, images and speech into different languages.

Google Translate Logo

Then in 2006, Google translate supported only two languages, and now 103. Audience of the service grew from a few hundred users to hundreds of millions. Also 10 years translator from Google learned to translate not only text, but also speech recognition and text to pictures. According to information from the official Google blog, the audience is more than 500 million people, 92% of whom live outside the United States. The most popular translation languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian. Daily with the help of this service in different languages are translated more than 10 billion words.

Among all countries Google Translator is most popular in Brazil. We will remind, a mobile app translator for Android appeared not so long agoin 2010. Google notes that its translator helps people around the world to cope with language barriers. For example, in the video from Google describes how Syrian refugees are using the translator to adapt to life in Canada.

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