Google is developing a keyboard for iOS

Google is developing a keyboard for iOS

Google has been developing a keyboard for iOS devices, to embed its search engine into the most used part of mobile interface. Development has been going on for several months, but the timing of the completion of work are not yet known.

New keyboard from Google will allow owners of iOS-devices to use many features that are not available out of the box. Will be possible “rolling” input, also users will able to type without lifting your finger from the screen. Also the keyboard will support predictive text input, which speeds up the printing, prompting the following words and phrases. Will be able to search for images and animated GIF pictures. Also, clicking the button with the Google icon, users will be redirected to a web page with the search results in Google. According to insiders, the keyboard for iOS will be visually different from “material” Android keyboard.

To create a product Google has induced low activity of iOS users in their search engine. According to a study by journalist Charles Arthur, half of smartphone owners don’t use Internet search, while desktop users send on average 1.23 per request per day.

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