Daily bonuses appeared in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go 5

Pokemon GO audience is constantly falling, so developers of Niantic studio try to somehow keep the players. The next step in this direction was the introduction of bonuses, which are now produced by players when they enter Pokemon GO.

As reported in the official blog of the developers, Pokemon GO has received a number of daily bonuses that reward regular players. Now, if you catch at least one Pokémon each day, you can get 500 experience and 600 stardust. If you do it every day for a week, you can get 2000 Experience and 2400 stardust. Also, bonuses can be spread on poke stops. Now for the daily visit of the blue dots on the map the game gives 500 experience and some additional items. Thus, the regular players, who do not even spend much time on Pokemon GO, will be able to quickly raise and pump theirPokemon.

Will this help to Pokemon GO in the long run? It is unlikely, but some former players may lure back to the path of a Pokemon catcher with such bonuses.

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