On broadcasts in Periscope, you can now earn money


Gifts for the sponsors of the broadcasts Periscope in the form of paid “supersedes” will allow you to earn real money and cash out them

On broadcasts in Periscope, you can now earn money

To support publications in modern social media users are accustomed to using the so-called hearts (likes). The service for live broadcasts Periscope also has this feature. Today, June 21, Periscope presented a more meaningful way to encourage your favorite streamers — “supersense” (Super clubs). The innovation is aimed primarily at improving the quality of the content.

Supersense are virtual gifts in the form of animations that users can send Periscope to and during live broadcasts. Developers have announced several types of superseries — each pack is a different design and own animations. To use the new function requires a virtual currency — coins Periscope. You should buy it for real money. The cost of the animations may be different.

The company said in its official blog, the cost of sent superseries is credited to the author’s translation. When the accumulation amount of over $175 you can withdraw money through the payment system or cash under the program Super Broadcaster (only for USA). Income for the authors of the broadcasts is 70% of the total value of the consideration received supersedes, the remaining 30% the company takes a Commission.

Users can send animated supersense only during the live broadcast. The streamer may opt out of receiving the gift. Update the app with new feature “Supersense” is now available in stores Google Play and App Store. You can also download the new version of Periscope on Trashbox.

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