9 new apps of the week: The Witness, Morphite and others

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The long-awaited The Witness and the amazingly beautiful Morphite became the discoveries of the past week, eclipsing all other releases, which, nevertheless, are able to interest you. Therefore, after traveling to mysterious islands and unexplored planets, we invite you to immerse yourself in a couple of detective stories, play basketball or learn another card game.


No game mobile gamers are not expected for as long as this, and now, it happened: a strange island with incredible landscapes invites everyone to solve their riddles. Open World The Witness is waiting for researchers, and about 500 original puzzles are ready to test their intellect and ingenuity.


The long-awaited and incredibly beautiful Morphite game is finally available to gamers. They are waiting for unexplored planets, a story campaign and randomly generated worlds with unique landscapes, populated by a lot of amazing creatures. Go on a trip with the main character, study the planets and solve the riddles of the past in search of the rarest material called Morphite.


Our smartphones can tell us a lot of interesting things, including personal ones. What lies in the correspondence of the disappeared girl Laura, with whom she communicated, shared photos, where have she been? All this can be learned by studying the contents of her phone. He was discovered, but his proprietress was gone without a trace. What happened? This question is to be answered by gamers, whose task is to study applications and images from Laura’s smartphone as closely as possible.

NBA 2K18

The famous franchise returns. This time, it will give players the opportunity to play in the career mode, add new features, an updated, even more energetic soundtrack and, as always, the best players and the best clubs in the world basketball.


The creators of classic games Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion have prepared another mysterious story for fans of adventure with a detective storyline. Five characters are in a gloomy town, where they find a dead body, a haunted hotel, a forgotten circus and a host of other oddities. How is this all connected? The answer to the question, as expected, will be known only in the finale.


This title combines elements of desktop and card gameplay with tactical battles in real time and the original visual style. In fact, before you is a collectible card game, the action of which unfolds on a three-dimensional field, demanding from gamers strategic thinking and thoughtful actions.


Puzzle match-3, it seems, does not plan to disappear from the horizons of mobile gaming. These leaders in the category of time-killers are simple, simple, but fascinating. Homescapes is exactly that, and the colorful cartoon graphics and daily tasks turn it into a classic of the genre, loved by casual gamers.


Before you – a mix of 2D and 3D platforms, 30 levels of which are full of traps, enemies and obstacles. Developers from Nitrome promise simple control of one touch, thoughtful levels, each with its tricks and tricks, and AR-mode.


Our selection lacked old school gameplay, and here you will find it. Sports arcade in retro style, dedicated to boxing – why not ?! Especially since her characters will be Jersey Joe, Paluka Pete, Rasta King and other champions of the past, and the management based on svaypah is not difficult to master.

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