World Empire 2027

World Empire 2027

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The description

World Empire 2027 is another interesting text strategy from iGindis Games that sends gamers to the near future and offers to personally participate in global events in the political and military arenas. This time, the action of the game affects not just some country or region, but the whole planet. We are offered a scenario of gradually increasing chaos, which leads to a loss of control over the situation. States can no longer cope, which leads to a mass phenomenon in the form of uprisings and seizure of power by rebels. New people at the helm have all the opportunities and freedoms to completely change the balance of power on the planet.

World Empire 2027 is a military strategy where you have to choose a state and try to fight for the natural resources that are the foundation.

A strategy where your every action will influence the development of events in the world. The countries no longer cooperate with each other, but are fighting for valuable resources that will help to win wars with lesser forces. You need to prove yourself in the role of the best commander and not allow the enemy state to seize your land.

For the implementation of the mission you will have to use all available methods, ranging from politics and ending with hostilities. It is your state that should become a leader, both economically, politically, and militarily. Build the power of the state, make the right decisions and change the strategy that will allow you to win and remove other rulers.

Increase the size of your territory, earn money, hire people who will guard the borders and do not forget to buy new weapons. Modernization will increase the military industry, discover black markets and arms markets. Complete tasks, enter into alliances between countries and make your empire invincible.

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Updated 28.03.2020
Category Strategy
Latest Version WE_1.6.3
Publish Date 23.09.2019
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