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Tap! Tap! Kingdom – Idle Clicker Fantasy RPG

Publish Date: March 23, 2019
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Tap! Tap! Kingdom – Idle Clicker Fantasy RPG — clicker from Vixa Games combines the construction of the Kingdom and RPG elements. In the story, you will have the opportunity to play for Prince Oscar, who wants to win the Kingdom captured by enemies. Step by step, free the land and develop fantasy Kingdom ordinary touches to the screen, and the accumulated wealth invest in the construction and modernization of various buildings, hiring workers, strengthening troops and other improvements. Earn enough gold coins to optimize getting even more cash that is mined without your participation. Get a strong army and heroes to fight against evil creatures that you will meet exploring all sorts of dungeons. Also, take quests from various NPC and get the chests with rewards in them are treasures and rare items. Game Tap! Tap! Kingdom is made in an attractive cartoon graphics and does not require an Internet connection, and in future updates the developer will add more locations, enemies, quests and items.

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