Palm Kingdoms 2 Remastered

Palm Kingdoms 2: Remastered

Publish Date: May 17, 2019
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Palm Kingdoms 2: Remastered — port on Android improved version of the pixel strategy in the “heroic” style. Here you control the knights who collect resources, conquer castles and mines, mining resources, discover unknown lands and fight with opponents. Victory over the enemies brings experience, with the increase in the level you earn points for pumping the main and secondary skills. In addition to physical attacks, heroes can use magic spells, but it requires mana. During the journey on the map you will pass a variety of tasks, as well as find artifacts that are special items that add bonuses. The passage of more than 75 story scenarios will take no one week, besides, many of them can be played on the same device in local multiplayer mode. Palm Kingdoms 2 has more than 50 cards, 180 different types of creatures, numerous artifacts, 7 main factions, retro graphics and thoughtful tactical gameplay.


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