Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike

Publish Date: December 29, 2018
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Mobile Strike is a new amazing action-style game dedicated to modern warfare that allows you to build a base, control everything that happens on it and experience the power of elite units in the fight against enemies on the battlefield! By playing this worldwide massively multiplayer online game you can find out how skillful you are in conducting a tactical war that requires intellectual skills. In your arsenal will be presented the most modern combat vehicles. But not the player who has the largest arsenal can win, but the one who has the best! Create a base that would match the aspirations of your hero. Build defenses to protect the base or make weapons that have no equal on the battlefield! In the best traditions of the IMO, you can join the alliance and use the advantages of multilateral forces to establish control over the sectors to become the head of state in an action-game of a completely new generation!

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