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Millennium Conquest (Unreleased)

Publish Date: November 19, 2016
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Conquer the Galaxy!GTArcade is excited to announce Millenium Conquest, a new free to play online real-time strategy war game for mobile. Based in a rich science fiction universe, Millenium Conquest is an MMO RTS game that allows players to wage galactic war in a persistent online world.

Thousands of years after humanity left Earth to colonize space, the Gaia system has become the center of a galactic war. Powerful factions clash for dominion over the resource-rich worlds and there is no peace in sight. In this age of turmoil, only the bold will prevail.

In Millenium Conquest, players take on the role of a Supreme Commander with the tools to build their own galactic empire. Construct cities and bases, recruit elite commanders, train advanced military units, and lead your military forces. Use a wide variety of strategies and battle tactics to defeat your rivals and expand your territory. Join Alliances to further your agenda and partake in massive, on-going battles across endless battlefields.

Will you lead the greatest Empire this side of the galaxy or crumble like the countless before you?

Game Features

Epic Real-time Strategy
– Explore a vast Sci-fi universe
– Expand and battle across 13 Sectors made up of millions of combat grids
– Enjoy the highest levels of strategic gameplay on mobile
– Fight with and against thousands of other players in real-time strategy warfare
– Diverse gameplay options ensures the action never gets dull

Build to Conquer
– Build cities and bases to support your civilian and military population
– Choose from hundreds of unique Commanders to lead your forces
– Deploy a variety of units from Phantom Starfighters to Behemoth Tanks.
– Train and upgrade your Commanders and units using robust progression systems

Massively Multiplayer
– Play in a huge persistent online world
– Join Alliances with hundreds of other players
– Engage in massive PvP conflicts between Alliances
– Manage your combined Allied forces in real-time cooperative gameplay

Perfect your Strategy
– Dynamic world reports inform you of what’s going on around the game universe
– Battle reports and battle playback feature lets you refine and perfect your tactics

Prepare for a new era in RTS games!


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