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Langrisser Mobile

Publish Date: March 26, 2019
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Langrisser Mobile — Japanese strategy RPG from ZlongGames returns with its debut on mobile devices. United by fate and United in the battle for the future, the heroes of light and darkness must save the continent of El Sallia from future destruction. Get ready to fight with them in turn-based battles, where you need to confront the enemy forces with the help of the classic combat priority selection system, as well as use bonuses and adjust your tactics during the game to win. Each class of heroes has its own unique skill tree, unlock new abilities to obtain levels and choose the right path of development depending on the situation. Langrisser will delight players with a great visual anime style, a variety of modes, from single to team battles against powerful bosses, legendary characters from the eponymous series, as well as professional voice acting and music.

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