Publish Date: February 19, 2019
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Hexonia — turn-based strategy with battles between civilizations that unfold on the screen of your mobile device. Choosing a tribe start a long and exciting way to create a huge and powerful Empire. The gameplay is step by step, each unit can move to one of the neighboring cells. Thus, conquer villages and entire cities, discover unexplored lands and expand the boundaries of their possessions. Controlled by you settlements bring gold, use it to open previously inaccessible technology and buy new fighters, including knights, archers, ships, guards and many other types of units.

Try different tactics of warfare, to crush the hostile tribes and to gain a clear victory. Android game Hexonia includes more than a dozen different units to choose from for battles on land and at sea, random generation of terrain, which guarantees a unique world with each new game, a tree of technologies, where you decide what you need to unlock, as well as the game on four levels of difficulty.

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