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Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator

Publish Date: September 23, 2018
Updated Date: October 26, 2018 in 4:57 pm
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Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator is an atmospheric puzzle game for android where you will act as a hacker. Game mechanics in the game is very similar to the tower defense strategy with numerous puzzles and missions. Your main task in the game will be to pass all the tests and solve a difficult puzzle and not fall into the hands of the authorities. In the game you will explore the vastness of the Internet, and hack into interesting sites and data. It monitors the actions of the organization to protect the rights and information of its users that violates the law, helping websites sell illegal products through the Internet and is involved in criminal activities

The download link was removed by request of copyright holder!
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  1. Kimisuki 27.11.2018 in 11:56

    bisa ga game kingdom crafy heck koin banyak


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