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Godzilla Defense Force

Publish Date: April 22, 2019
Updated Date: June 1, 2019 in 9:56 am
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Godzilla Defense Force — idle game in which you need to defend the city from the attack of various monsters from the series of films about Godzilla. There is a huge variety of monsters from dozens of movies, starting with the original movie, released in 1954 and ending with modernity. Touches the screen you destroy monsters, collect play money and spend it on improving the defense of the base, the construction of new buildings, etc. in addition, with the aid of powerful allies, such as Mechagodzilla and other kaiju monsters. Collect cards of creatures, which can then be used in the form of skills and buffs, as well as unlock a special code that contains detailed descriptions for each monster, along with images from the relevant films. Godzilla Defense Force is the defense of major capitals such as Tokyo, London and Sydney from a variety of monsters, intuitive gameplay, as well as getting all sorts of maps to call for the help of powerful allies during the battle.


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