Game of Trenches: WW1 Strategy

Publish Date: April 7, 2019
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Game of Trenches: WW1 Strategy — MMO strategy of the First world war, where you fight your army and develop headquarters. Form a huge army, which includes historically recreated tanks and planes of that time, to fight in grandiose battles against real players. However, first still have to pay attention to the development of the base, so build key buildings, explore new technologies and upgrade buildings. When power will be enough, send them to the front to collect resources reconnaissance of enemy positions and suppress rebel forces. Put at the head of the army of famous generals, equip them with everything you need and defeat opponents with brute force or cunning tactics. Fight in large-scale battles, win and find yourself at the top of the global ranking, famous as an outstanding strategist. Do not stop at one or more victories, when you can subdue the whole world and become a Red Baron Android game Of Trenches in which you will find nice graphics, reliably executed technique of the period, a variety of strategic opportunities and epic battle, where on the battlefield at the same time fighting hundreds of units.

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