Flame Dragon Knights FDK

Flame Dragon Knights FDK

Publish Date: July 21, 2019
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Flame Dragon Knights FDK — classic turn-based RPG for Android, which is the official continuation of the game Flame Dragon Knights. In this game you will join already known to you heroes and together with them will go to new fascinating adventures. In this game, during the story you will return to Masateru. The awakening of the spirit key marks the return of ancient heroes, but it also means the return of ancient evil. The great Demon was sealed in the Hall of souls for forty years, but there he managed to steal the key of Mirrors and go in search of the key of Spirits. The demon will find a second key and combine then he will be able to go down to Malaterre and implement their evil plans. Lead a squad of heroes and save the world from a terrible demon.

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