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Epic War – Castle Alliance

Publish Date: May 6, 2019
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Epic War – Castle Alliance — SLG strategy, create a powerful Kingdom and conquer the world with the help of army and dragons. Expand the boundaries of the Empire, it is necessary to build buildings, extract resources from mines and farms, as well as concentrate a sufficient number of units, providing them with modern technology and formidable weapons. Demonstrate the power of the army in large-scale battles, this will help you dragon, which you have to grow your own fighting units: knights, arrows, cavalry, siege weapons, etc., plus the hero who will lead the army. On the world map you will see many castles of other players, make daring raids on them and take the loot, because here only the strongest can survive. Join one of the many alliances to enlist the support of allies who will come to the rescue in case of enemy attacks.

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