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Egypt: Old Kingdom

Publish Date: April 20, 2019
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Egypt: Old Kingdom — great tactical strategy, where you get to ancient Egypt, to establish there his tribe, and then lead him to prosperity. You will have to do everything gradually in the game. First take under its wing a slight Egyptian tribe, gradually turning his in a genuine civilization. Subsequently, typing the desired number of points, you will be able to build the Egyptian Empire. And why do you need such a powerful power? To confront the Egyptian God of war. The game Egypt Old Kingdom, torrent download which you can free on our website games, you will lead your people to victory. In this strategy with primitive, but pronounced graphics, you will be able to create a powerful ancient Egyptian state from a small tribe. You will be attacked by the minions of the God of war. Therefore, you will need to teach your people the military craft. For each successful campaign you will receive the corresponding bonus rewards. Exciting missions are waiting for your people. As the leader of the Kingdom you have to make every effort to protect your Empire! Farmers, craftsmen and warriors – that’s your people. Exciting new game, which managed to evaluate one hundred users!


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