Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor And RPG

Day R Survival

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Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor And RPG

The description

Day R Survival is an interesting game in which you are offered to return at a time when the USSR still exists. But life on earth has changed. The war has always been ruthless. In 1985, the USSR was defeated by an unknown enemy. Literally the whole country has turned into a radioactive desert in a few days and now the terrible monsters that have undergone a mutation from colossal radiation roam the ruins of Soviet cities and are looking for someone to satisfy their hunger. And you accidentally survived the images. Your destiny and future life depends only on you. But remember that the survivors are not distinguished by kindness and responsiveness, all that is needed for survivors is your food, water and of course the weapon ..

Features of Day R Survival:

Hardcore survival
Living world
The ability to create things, the passage of quests, a large number of weapons, ammunition, allies.
Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, driving, cooking, explosives and more
Online chat
The possibility of a joint battle

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Updated 13.09.2019
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