Call Of Duty Global Operations

Call of Duty: Global Operations

Publish Date: June 6, 2019
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Call of Duty: Global Operations — military MMO strategy for Android, developed by Elex in conjunction with Activision. The discovery and spread of the element Nuclium NM (72) threatens to disrupt the fragile balance of power in the world. Governments and private corporations are struggling to control the ownership of the new resource, and major conflicts are emerging everywhere. At the center of events is the evil Corporation GLOBUS, which wants to subjugate the whole world and you will be one of those who will prevent these plans to come true.

Build a military base and gather a formidable army led by the heroes of Call of Duty. After that, start epic battles against other players to save the world from anarchy. In the strategy Call Of Duty: Global Operations you are waiting for the battle in real time, dozens of characters from the same universe, cooperative war alliances, exciting missions in a single passage of the plot, as well as realistic three-dimensional graphics, which fully conveys the realities of modern wars.

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