Blaze of Battle

Publish Date: March 11, 2019
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Blaze of Battle — it’s a fascinating story about how to be born and die Kingdom, the strategy in the fantasy genre. The game’s plot develops though florid, but logical-from simple to complex. In the role of an unknown knight, and in the company of your own Dragon you explore the game world, perform feats and get gems — in-game currency. At the expense of resources, hire other players — their knights; increase their power, and the power of the Dragon and start building a City — your own Kingdom.

As soon as you have the resources immediately, they can make you more enemies. In order to resist the enemies you need friends: create your own Alliance of players, or become part of an existing Alliance — in Alliance with strong and experienced players you will be able to defend Your city-Kingdom from enemies, and even more — you will be able to attack their positions.

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