Auto Chess

Auto Chess

Publish Date: May 21, 2019
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Auto Chess — using the experience of the game on the PC, defeat rivals in the mobile version of Dota Auto Chess from the developers of Dragon nest, Drodo and lmbaTV. The gameplay does not need a detailed explanation and it will be quite familiar to fans of this genre. You are required to place on the Board of available characters from a common set of cards to create a group that will be most effective in battle, according to the planned tactics. Next, your wards are automatic battles against teams of enemy heroes. Improve your skills, hone your skills to the ideal to reverse the outcome of the battle in your favor and defeat numerous enemies. Mobile game Auto Chess offers exciting gameplay with intense and at the same time honest fights against players from around the world, which last only a few minutes, global tournaments with prizes for the winners, unique locations, great three-dimensional graphics and visual effects.

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