Ash Of Gods Tactics

Ash of Gods: Tactics

Publish Date: June 6, 2019
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Ash of Gods: Tactics — prequel to Ash of Gods: Redemption, award-winning. Collect your squad, manage it, hire and train units, pumping them as you see fit. Find and buy powerful artifacts to make your characters stronger, complete a deck of magic cards to surprise opponents on the battlefield and create unique strategies to break through a lot of heavy battles and resist the Harvest.

  • 24 battles in story-mode with three levels of difficulty. Can you beat them all?
  • Php-mode: create a strong team and compete with other players to take your place among the strongest
  • Make your squad unique: pick up characters, pump them, find artifacts and maps that best match your strategy
  • Stunning, outstanding drawn 2D graphics and “live” animations created with rotoscoping technology
  • A fascinating story that is a backstory to Ash of Gods: Redemption

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