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Pool Royale

Publish Date: March 30, 2019
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Pool Royale — go through difficult trials, conquering one district after another, playing this Billiards eight. At each level you are given a certain task, overcome it, driving each ball cue in the pocket. It’s not easy, because the number of moves is limited, so you need to carefully plan your moves, especially at levels with bosses. Completed stages are rewarded with cash resources that will be useful to unlock game content. Management does not cause any problems, set the cue at a certain angle, and then carry out a blow with the selected force. Try to cope with numerous Billiards tests and fights against bosses at the end of each district, becoming the new king of Billiards in the city. Pool Royale is easy to understand rules, a huge number of levels of varying degrees of complexity, acceptable graphics, as well as convenient for touch screens control in two steps.

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