NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18

Last version: 37.0.3

NBA 2K18 is the best basketball simulator for Android devices. All fans of virtual basketball are simply obliged to appreciate this game. The quality of gameplay at a high level. Game was developed on the new 2K Games engine. Famous basketball players from the best teams in the world will play under your leadership, trying to win another trophy.


NBA 2K18 provides two types of control. You have the opportunity to choose control using the buttons and the joystick. Passing players, intercepting the ball, smooth attack, central defense, throws from various distances, changing players, blocking the attacking player, windings of the opponent and various game combinations are only part of the functionality that you can implement in this basketball simulator.

If you do not like this type of control, then you can control it using the sensor. Just move the players using the sensor and a few buttons. The developers did a great job with the game graphics: drawing the movement of the players, their turns, slow and detailed repetitions of goals scored. Everything looks colorful and juicy. The developers also added the function of saving replays, so you can save an epic abandoned goal and brag to your friends.

NBA 2K18 APK takes up a lot of space in the device’s memory and it’s not just like that. Revolutionary three-dimensional graphics with high detail and unique character models will allow you to penetrate the gameplay of basketball and become part of the team.


As for the basketball matches themselves, here we are faced with a very controversial project. On the one hand, you will have an excellent three-dimensional picture, famous basketball players and the tricks performed by them, and on the other hand, physics, animation, and the level of intelligence of your opponent, which sometimes leaves the player no chance to win.

If you are a beginner player, then you can go to the gym mode. Here you can train combinations: subtle passes to partners, throws from long and short range and beautiful strokes of opponents.

There are three main modes after NBA 2K18 APK download, and one of them has been added quite recently: career, associations and quick play. This time you will see not just a great basketball simulator for Android, but you can also learn more about the life and fate of the player himself, so that the developers add a full story to the project, which in their opinion should attract the attention of users.


  • several game modes;
  • multi-player confrontation;
  • convenient adapted management;
  • gorgeous three-dimensional picture;
  • presence of a full storyline.
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Ayaw sakin puta
Katatanga naman ng mga to hahahha di marunong mag instell ang panget
Hindi kc kau marunong.first intall nyo muna ang apk then pgndownload nyo n ang file cache intall nyo peo wag nyo muna irun ang game exit muna punta kau filemanager tas punta kau file folder ng nba2k18 icopy nyo yung obb file dun tas yun mkkpglaro n get it
Pre bat ayaw gumana Tulong naman
Pota bubu ng page naton fake ang apk nila
What da fvck are you doing gays 
Legit ba to mga sir
Lokal cp nyo galing basura saken pwede namam mga bobong downloader
Katatanga naman ng mga to hahahha di marunong mag install ang mga panget.
How many mb's
Baka bobo CP Mo
Bobo kase young developer
Bobo kase young developer
Don't english me I'm panic
Why in mine it says the app is not properly installed
ganun nga din saken pre e. 5x kong inulit pero ganun paden. sarap balibag ng phone.
Titi penis
Pangit ba?
Mwen l'an kay la
In FFS UK ex
Search in appmirror
Mga bobo
Bat nong 2gb na nadownload ko nagback ulit siya da 1mb?
Thanks man
not working., "the app is not properly installed. please install again".
BROWSE then install it.
Hindi gumana sa akin
Pano mag download sa iphone?
Magbasa ng maigi para iwas tanga mag download...ahaha
Manalo Matalo
Na download qn xa nalipat qna sa obb kso bat ganun ayaw gumana
Feak game
Paano i extract?
Hello po boss 
Hello po 
How to install?
May pwrd ba?
how to download nba 2k18 please reply in my comment thanks....a
Asks for a password to unzip. Plz help!!
Don't download this file
Ilang oras ba pag download
fuck u
how to download nba2k18
panu Maya maka download ng 2k 18
How to download nba 2k18
Pwede patulong pan mag downlaod ng 2k18
Guys? how to ply this to an incompatible device? is ut possible?
Are u people stupid or something??? Its very clean DL link is there OBB link is there!! so wat else do u need?? wtf is goin on with u people.. Anyway thank u uploader..
please how to download the file
i extract saan ?
How to download NBA 2k18 low file size
This is fake
Pre download mo yung cache tas i extract mo sya pagkatos ma extract i copy o move mo yung buong folder lagay mo sa obb file.... pag ok nayun download mo yung nba2k18 apk.. 
Way it's no file
idownload mo tanga!
Horton mantrell
Commet kgad!
Pano po mag download Ng mabilis!?
It dont work it keep saying installed wrong evry time I watch videos to see if I did it wrong but I do it right every time
Shit dont work it say app installed wrong.
Biejay ramirez
How to download nba2k18 please..
How to put it in torrent?
must be move the obb files to the 2k18 app folder that in the android/obb folder.
Download the 2gb file first then extract it to your pnone storage- android folder - and select obb folder. And lastly install the apk file to your phone.
Please let it work is it don't I'm going to cry but I'm bleaving my self
Please put it into torrent download so it would not be canceled while downloading the cache file. Please!
How to download Nba2k18 please send me a link
Sam Jerald P Manalo
Place little STORAGE 100
Is not true
How to download ? This is not working when i go to my files .
Asan yung file fuck this web site
saan ang file
how fix install file
No file
Paano b to
I have gta san andreas and bully game school play 150 lang papasa and 2k18
Good day! Ask lng po bakit hindi masyado sensitive ung shoot button?
Good Day Admin. Kindly update the new version of NBA 2k18?! . Thanks!!
Ambobobo niyo bat niyo pa dinownload to kung di niyo naman alam paganahin
i can't open nba 2k18
Tulugan ninyo ako na madownload ko po to ang nba 2k18
Kuya pasahan mo naman po ako
Wow a some
How it works ....
Saan ang obb
Download nyo rin po ung torent
How to download nba 2k18
Just install apk and torrent file and open it in file menager with utorrent and then open it again,its 2.5gb torrent file,and really works!!
Fuck shit NBA 2k18
How ?
Di naman gumsna ha?
Hindi gumagana
What's this is this a joke huh don't tell me 15 inches tablet not working!
It didn't work on me
Where is the file
It's all working bitches. It's just that you don't know how to fucking navigate it on your phone
Pano i download ang apk at files
How to download the apk mga ka exb jn
Can u give me the steps to download NBA 2k18
pogi ko kasi d nyo alam yun
Errrr where is the file
It's apk no file
Where the files
Como lo hiciste
How to download
I love it
how to download?
Edi wow
how to download file
Were the file gago 
Its not working its say NBA 2k18 has stopped
what the fuck its not working holly shit
Where's torent link
Where is the OBB FILE...
ako may files ng nba2k18,kaso nadelete yung apk.kaya dinownload ko ito and its working 
application lang naman po kasi ito,,wala po itong kasamang file,,,
Paturo naman po oh...
Its not working
i hate this fvck this its not working
Panu mag down load ng nba2k18?
How to download?
Gumagana nga thankss!
Pano to paganahin
gagana po ba ito sa cherry mobile XL ??..
Is this free?
Wheres the file?
Paano ?? Paturo nga po pwede??
ffg vgxxbhhgh
Wow majic
At sa mga bobo jan yung pag install nyo ng APK wag nyo munang buksan i copy or move nyo muna sa Obb yung fileeee!!!
First. download uTorent in PS Second. Download Torent Link of your App and the Last step is download the Apk. DONE!!
is not working
Where is the obb file
Lol! Easy just download AC MARKET in Google after that search nba 2k18 then done. Iam not lying try it .
Hindi yan to too mga siraulo yan mga yan
It's not working
Tarantado kayo nasakin real obb
Tang ina
asan ang obb
Share to me please
How can I open it
File manager
Gumanasaakin meron ako gta5 100% works
I can't see the file... cause the game is even telling me to update.
Sherit mo nga saaakin
Where is the obb file
its not working its fake
This is shit dudes it doesn't work fuck you dumbass
Where is the file?
where's the file
You are the true shit
Just download in playstore
Wow its work thank you
Its not working
iys fake
ОрохгΥй байна зогссон гээд
Dude wheres the file download
Where is file download
Your just kidding us
Is not working but open it it is stoppp!! This is fake.
Its not working this game
This is bull sh*t , why its not freakin working!
This is fake!?
Where is the obb
Is it working oe nor???
The files are not done yet please wait for it..
Scammers !!! Is not working !! If i click the app there was a nba 2k18 has stopped !!! LOLZZZZZ SCAMMERS !!!
Did u find the obb?
Where is the file
How to install
Downloaded APK file and cache but still not working. The app stops when I'm opening it.
Download the cache via torrent
This is fake.
Its not working
Thanks it works
Where is the real file
where's obb file located
Its not working
Where the file 
Which one
Where's the file?
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