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Do you look for an exciting football game simulator? Then downloading FIFA 18 APK for free on Android will be the right decision, because this game is a breakthrough in the game world. You have a unique opportunity to get the incredibly talented soccer star like Cristiano Ronaldo, which will be the first step towards creating an invincible dream football team. At your disposal, there will be a huge number of different players, which the whole world knows and each of them can be trained, so that the victory was always yours. This game will appeal not only to fans in the world of football, but also to real veterans.

Gameplay lets you try over five hundred teams in the game and from each you can borrow the player you need, so that hard work will allow him to reach at least a rating of 100 and this is far from the limit. Before each match there is an opportunity to change the tactics of the game, and in the process of the competition – the placement of players. In addition, FIFA 18 boasts the presence of a unique competition mode that allows you also customize the attack skills of your team. It is different in that the match itself takes only 90 seconds. This is what allows you to learn how to instantly gain an advantage in each match with your opponent in the future.

This football simulator promises to be revolutionary on all mobile platforms. New game modes, less in-game payment, excellent graphics – the little that awaits you, if you download FIFA 18 game APK from our website or with Google Play.


Predicting changes in the new simulator, it is worth looking back at the flaws of FIFA 17, which make users resent.

First, it is the omnipresent in-game payments, which are realized through the limited energy of the players. Participation in each mini-game, completing a task, matches with rivals take energy away, and it is not enough to continue the gameplay. The game simply does not allow you to enjoy the gameplay for several hours.

Secondly, it’s the graphics. The developers at Electronic Arts just added “polygons” to the graphic design of FIFA 2004 on a PC. You can be sure that in FIFA 18 the situation will change for the better.

In the end, the developers will certainly refine the artificial intelligence, ensuring a high-quality opportunity to play online for those users who, for a number of reasons, cannot always be connected to the Internet.


The most interesting thing we left for last. When will FIFA 18 (FIFA 18) be released and will it be possible to download its full version? EA Sports developers are predictable. 3 previous games were released exactly in September. Earlier, there were announcements teasing users’ attention, spoilers, pictures from the studio, short trailers with gameplay, and so on. According to preliminary data, the release of the full version was held in early October 2017.

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