From Zero To Hero Cityman

From Zero to Hero: Cityman

Publish Date: August 13, 2019
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From Zero to Hero: Cityman — life simulator, playing for the unemployed guy try to achieve something more. From Dirt To Princes: Financier full economic simulator in which you have to play the role of a young and very poor boy, starting his long way to the top of the social ladder from the bottom. At the same time, you will have complete freedom of action, you can go to school, then get a job, move forward in your career, and having earned enough money to nominate your candidacy for the presidential election. You can choose a completely different way, for example, to try your luck at the casino or go to play on the stock exchange. It is worth noting that a detailed model of life will require you to make informed decisions, because each next step will affect the development of the situation and the plot. It is also possible and does not take part in social life, earning money to spend them on homes, cars, women and entertainment, and there will be seen. Gameplay is limited in time, because sooner or later your character will simply die of old age, so hurry up.

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