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Youtubers Life: Gaming – stunningly high-quality simulator for Android, where the player will have to become a very popular video blogger from an ordinary Internet user, who aims to become famous all over the world, gain the maximum number of subscribers on his channel and, of course, get rich.

To begin with, you have to create your own unique character, which you can customize to your taste, for this, thousands of different combinations are provided. The gameplay of Youtubers Life: Gaming APK for Android begins with the fact that you, as a teenager living with your parents, are interested in creating various videos, you have to learn how to record videos that would attract users and encourage them to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Users, in turn, will begin comment on your creations, there will be both positive and negative comments; your task is to analyze everything, eliminate errors and try to please everyone so that the channel begins to actively develop and make you profit. For interesting videos, you need to constantly come up with something new, you have to buy new video games, do reviews on them, record the walkthrough and so on.


Many in vain believe that the everyday life of a video blogger is a short video shooting, minimal editing and uploading to the network. After which, according to the majority, bloggers observe statistics and count the money that they drop into electronic wallets. But not everything is so simple, and the game Youtubers Life will tell you all the nuances of blogging life!

First start

Youtubers Life game is made in the format of the once popular SIMS. After game APK download, we have to create our own character. You can independently choose the body, head, face, skin color, clothes and dozens of other parameters in the built-in editor, or use the random character generator. After that, you have to choose a direction – what topic will your videos be on? It can be sports, travel, cooking, computer games and much more.

Game process

After the initial settings, blogging weekdays begin. You need to search for topics, shoot stories, edit videos. The background is the wall of your room, equipment for filming – a simple camera or even a smartphone. It is needless to say, the video processing will fall on the shoulders of your prehistoric computer bought by your parents. However, you only have 24 hours to shoot an interesting video! At the same time, do not forget that in parallel it is important to walk, chat with friends and do homework.

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اريد للايفون
Cool game
Love but more updated
Hello Nice games
Mata'lu Itu Bangsat, kesini Gw Pecahin Biji Loe
Gimana cara nya masuk wee
nice game:)
Jak ja mam to zrobić bo boje się że kasę z konta mi pobierze!
Help I need this game
Kangak bisa masuk GBOLOK yang buat tae bangsat bodo amat anjing kontol
Kangak bisa masuk GBOLOK yang buat tae bangsat bodo amat anjing kontol
Its a very cool game i give it 10 stars its super fun and i love all the gaming inside it its very coool u guys should download it
Bro you make that file
Não joguei ainda mais sempre quis
I hope I like this game..
Indon bangsat
Me too :(
Is this games is fun
Gemesnya bagus dari gratis keeeeeeeeeee mahallll
Flm bokep
Omg online lol me
Gus rama
How to install game? I have go to android/obb but I don't see the file
I dint get how to do this
I wish this is same like on the pc
Yes, i already downloaded it.
Is this working??
Saya belum pernah main game ini tapi saya harap game ini berguna.
am from you sleeping gaes you sleeping
Please i want the new version Of youtubers life
Where is thé OMG Edition
Omg edition?
Best game in the worls
hfgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgthvjfh ihfndgh
The game cuts off and shows a black screen at the loading screen... please help...I haven't been able to start it
How do u even do this?.. .-.
I'm dowloading
Tapi kok gak jadi main sih kalau dowload di aplikasi ini
Fuck you
Aku udah download apk dan cache nya. Udah aku ekstrak ke file Internal/Android/OBB. Aku coba lauch gamenya. Waktu downloading data dia bilang kalo file corrupt karna aku ga beli apk nya. Ini gimana ya tolong bantu biar aku bisa main gamenya.thx.
Sim Eu pesquisei no youtube
Am i the only one who searched youtubers life apk in google?
If this safe guys?
Ia chache muat extract first
How you do that ?
Can you play with your friends online in this game??
Its awesome Ive ever played Its cool
Great now I won't have to pay for the game xD
Thats easy. If you extract the zip. Put the folder at the android/obb. Cause thats the folder
Filho da puta !!!!
Is very Good
Jangan pake versi yg lama......ok
Ekstrak sendiri juga bisa....
OBB apa?
I don't no l m sorry
Is it always open On Kodi Player?
Udh ekstra data dan mindahin ke obb kenapa downloads lagi datanya?
Tutorial for Android users ONLY! (SORRY IOS USERS) Search on safari or Google "Apptoide" Click on the site and download it. Sometimes you will have to enable stuff in settings, just make sure you disable them afterwards. Now once you click download, you need to search for your downloads app and once your on the downloads app, you need to enable unknown sources (disable once apk is downloaded). Now go back to the downloads app and you can install it. You have to do this tutorial for every game you download whether you download it from internet or Apptoide. P.S: If you can't find a game on Apptoide, look online for apks. Hope this helps,and I'm not a member of this site by the way, I just wanted to help out! So if you need help, you'll have to ask other people! Peace Out, Shaun
help me get out
I repeat no need to download Extractor apps in playstore. You can use your filemanager to extract any zip files.
After downloading both apk&cache files. Extract the cache files, go to filemanager>cache files> click the file and extract> after the file is extract, copy the name of the folder ex. (com.rockstargtavc) after copying the folder name go to Filemanager> Android> Obb move the files and click (+) plus botton to add a folder name then paste the folder name you copy ex. (com.youtberlifes) then move. And enjoy the game but before make sure you instaled first the apk before doing this. Enjoy
So i put it in my obb extracted it & it still wont work wtf
Why dont Work padahal dah dipindahkan ke obb
Yo its $8&45 cents. Hard to get cause i only have $4.00
this is not really
Ben daha yeni indiriyorum eğer begenirsem 1 yorum ve video sunu çekecem
hey guys i will show uhow t do it when teen age i am eight can u help me how to download yourtuers life plz i will kiss u
Same thing
why me can't play this game
I m just asking that its really work ? i see a video a boy is downloading this game so i tried
Je suis moi même youtubeur grâce à cet appli ma chaîne est toute neuve "NH&TV Gaming " Merci d'avance les gars et les filles.
I am not playing this game because my game is downloading
How about comment us like youtuber
كيف احمل العبه
ادخلو قناتي اسما m_a chalinge
اتمنا ان تدخلوا قناتي سلطي جيمر وتعمل اشتراك /salte gamer
Hhmmmm. The logic question is how can you put cache OBB file in android/OBB folder if no folder of youtubers life in android/obb. Gets?
It's funny, Add me for friend guys?
hello ? ? ?
its really working guys ? ? i want download it
im doing everything right but when i extraxt to obb it says bad zip file please fix
I'm false write. Sorry . I can't play game
I dowlanded but I can play. Because game say you may not ve purchase. What can I do?
Alo gusy janjangan lupa like commen anda share dan subscraibers gu
It says that its not purchased from Google Play......... Who to fix that..??
me too
For all of guys that are downloading the game's with 2 files u need es file to extract bigger file. So what u do is simple u need to download both files install one and go to es file hold on bigget one pred more o right and then press extract and extract into the Android obb when u all I sad u can delete files u downloaded but don't delete file in android obb and shortcut and play the game
Download Es File find the file hold on it and press more on right press extract and extract it into the Android obb
u think we fucking care u fucking retard?
Same ?
Guys it said you may not puschraed this app what should I do. I followed all of this steps you guys wrote ?
How to extract?
My game has successfully work I can play this game . Thank you apk mirror
Download the game chace from this site and go to your files in the phone and place the chace in android/Obb/youtubers life re-install the game. And enjoy :)
Every time i got on the fam it said this may not be purchased then it said missing file but i download the catche
you can also get this free on tutuhelper
this game is realy good im so fine ad this game it is so fun
good game suca marsas so morato
Stop being crybabys
U help a lot
Can you play THE game?
Its so good
You need andro zip. Find downloads in andro zip. Next move cache in obb and next extract game and play
It worked! Thanks a lot! :D
Ne valja nisam zadovoljan ??
Wow game very good
Bajingan gak bisa donload
Obb itu apa?
I can't download it because when I try to get on the app it says cannot download because you may have not paid for it... Anyone else had this problem
sorry ? i am 8 years old thank you very much ?
love it . But it said not paid ?
The game is very good? Thank you so much.
The gmae is very good ? Thank you so much.
It works thank you so much
Go to files and find android folder then you see obb and data
Download di mcdevilstar permainan mode offline bisa pindah apartemen sudah mod versi last
Online or Offline!?
Offline or online, guys
I cannot download fricking cache.
Gimana masuk nya pas saya masuk tiba2 putih2
Kok saya buka putih semua bantuannya
How to download it?
What if it says can be extracted for the cache?
Pakai Aplikasi Es Extrack
All put ur obb in the right place its in device storage then android file then obb files extract your obb file then pop the obb in side of the file then it should work I think you guys are putting the whole file in the obb file
Gabisa pindah apartemen :(
Go to the android and u can see the obb file
Bukan masalah bisa nya gan jadi pas udh disuruh pindah ke apartement nah disitu ada problem kita ke deteck pake apk palsu bukan asli dri google play nah itu problem nya jadi gabisa ganti apartement 
helppp where can i see the obb? help me plzz i cant find it
Cara estraknya gmana ?
You must downlod cache after that you extract the zipp file and open file internal device place on android and obb not on sd card
fuck the is game
Still waitin for next update to fix pirated issue :(
Just extract the file, its useless to put the apk file to obb. just keep the apk file in a download file.
Di Ekstrak dulu terus pindah ke Obb baru buka appnya :)
Uhm..I need help.. When I've extracted the Obb file... Then do I put the apk file inside the Obb folder  that I've just extracted?
Update the V.1.0.6 , iam cant not go to Home!
This game started on mine!
Bagi Yang orang Indonesia caranya itu tonton Axoiz Craft Bagaimana Cara Instal Apk nya coy Gw bisa dong
I was playing and when suddenly i wanted to move to student apartment and said u have used a pirated version of youtubers life simulator plz fix it or make a thing to do it
Yess!!! Its really work!!! 100% work!! Thank you!! ?
Good game thank you for this apk and cache;-) :-) 
You need an obb file therfore download the game cache then extract it then move the folder that was extracted to the obb file in the folder android for android users
Try It First
I cant buy the student apartement. why?
Gak bisa di bukak
I definitely know how to install a game i downloaded this game from other websites but they all have the same problem This game security is pretty good We probably need a custom patch for it to work :((((
I think you just installed the apk you have to pute the cache in the Android/OBB folder. Dont forget to extract it bevore :)
same issue. how to fix that?
Oh damn it. I really want this game. But whyyyyy
It detects that im playing a pirated version when i try to move out of the house I tried lucky patcher but nothing Is their a solution
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