Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley: Farm Adventure

Publish Date: May 27, 2019
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Wonder Valley: Farm Adventure — welcome to the enchanted farm of the brothers Grimm, full of magic and miracles. Get to work on a fabulous farm, planting plants on a couple of beds and running a small production of baking bread. Very soon, a small settlement will turn into a huge magical city with magnificent plantations, a variety of types of buildings, a commercial port and even a castle. The gameplay is not difficult, just enough time to harvest, feed the cute little animals, cook a variety of Goodies, do things, and then sell products to get game resources for future development. In this adventure you will meet a lot of fairy-tale characters, such as Gingerbread Man, a Cat In Boots, snow White, Red riding Hood and many other characters. In addition, perform the proposed tasks, following the fascinating stories with colorful illustrations and exciting stories.

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