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Thanksgiving Turkey Animal SIM

Publish Date: November 23, 2016
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Hey truck driver, transport the Turkey on time!
It’s nearly thanksgiving and people are wanting to buy Turkey, so they can make a great dinner table with fresh Turkey on a plate! Are you the truck driver who can transport all the Turkey to all the stores before thanksgiving?
Do it all within the given time limit!
Transport games are so fun to play, and in Thanksgiving Turkey Animal SIM are 10 amazing thanksgiving turkey transport games missions to play! With each mission you have to transport further and further, but watch out not to crash!
Customize your transport games vehicle!
In Thanksgiving Turkey Animal SIM you can customize your own thanksgiving truck to your own likings! Customize the chassis to the color you want how amazing is that! But first you have to earn enough money by transporting the thanksgiving turkey, before you can buy it!


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