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Subway Simulator 3D PRO

Publish Date: October 10, 2016
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Probably every one of you at least once in a lifetime dream to try on the role of a train driver, what do you now have the opportunity. The game is called Subway Simulator 3D PRO is designed as a simulator control subway train. It is worth noting a number of important points. You should start with realism, it comes as quite a decent graphics, able to convey the atmosphere of underground tunnels and stations, as well as a realistic physical model, which perfectly complements the picture. After working for the creators of the game and system development, and career, you will have the opportunity not just to press the levers, but also to build a real driver’s career. As the skill set you can modify their own routes, discover new trains, moving up the career ladder. It is worth noting the full support of the Russian language that will help you to learn Subway Simulator 3D PRO.

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