Slavic Gangster Style

Slavic Gangster Style

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The description

Slavic Gangster Style — forget about Moscow skyscrapers and luxury shopping centers. Plunge into the Russian hinterland, traveling through provincial Russia in the role of gangster Slavik. Looks our Gopnik quite colorful-green tights and t-shirt, vest, and bald head. In General, all the attributes of a typical Russian gangster.

Here you can perform many different tasks. As for leveling, it is here. You can improve your own performance, armor level, weapon damage, upgrade cars and more. There are also achievements and a shop where you can buy weapons of various types-hand-to-hand, firearms and machine guns. Each weapon has its own indicators-damage and attack speed.

The interface in the game is made no worse than for the PC – all indicators are in place. At the top you can see a mini-map and the level of experience, health, endurance. Also, as in the famous game, there is a danger rank, which is made in the form of stars.

We begin the game in one of the outskirts of the city, and in the Arsenal we have a gun and … seeds. But the murders here occur in a completely strange pattern. For example, you decided to fill up and clean the old lady, well, going to her, throw a few seeds. Immediately the birds fly up and literally peck Granny. All that remains is a skeleton and a pile of money. If someone saw what they did, there’s a chance they’ll get a star.

Do not recklessly attack everyone, because an ordinary passer-by may be a gun. If the character to attack, he can not only fight back, but also to shoot our Slavik.

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Category Simulation
Latest Version 1.0
Publish Date 16.09.2019
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