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Shopkeeper Quest

Publish Date: April 8, 2019
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Shopkeeper Quest — a game in which you control your own shop and send heroes to complete quests. Open a shop selling magic and not only items in the city and turn it into a popular place where heroes from all corners of this fantasy world will be bought. Create epic items, equip them with your wards and send them to perform complex and dangerous tasks to defeat monsters and bring you legendary things. Shopkeeper Quest is a great three-dimensional graphics and fantasy world, the ability to join forces with friends to work together and prosper, expanding the range of products in the store, unique characters with original talents and items, trading with players around the world, the conquest of mysterious dungeons to get rare materials and other things, joining the Guild, as well as some other features.

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  1. Edward Miguel C. Orillosa 26.04.2019 in 02:40

    Does this have a mod? Please make the modded game of Shopkeeper Quest. Make a modded game of it on the latest version where you unlock all the heroes and unlock the engineer and you havr unlimited diamonds. Or,please make a mod where you can buy resources for free… Thanks.

  2. Edward Miguel C. Orillosa 26.04.2019 in 03:10

    Hey… This does not have a mod. I mean, what the fuck is the point if this does not have a mod? I could just have installed this in the Play Store. Please stop making copied apps from Play Store and start making modded versions of them!!!


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