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RIVER RAFT: whitewater – extreme boat simulator

Publish Date: March 22, 2019
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RIVER RAFT: whitewater – extreme boat simulator — this is a sports rafting on mountain rivers and artificial rowing channels on special inflatable vessels (rafts). Sport is not the most popular for the gaming industry. However, fans of virtual extreme in the world still a lot, and therefore, sooner or later the game with such a theme would have appeared. River Rat: Whitewater is just like that. The developers of the Studio Marfa Games decided to take a chance, and it seems that can honestly order a dozen “Widow Clicquot.”

Choose the route, boat, oars-and try our first rafting. And then we face the first problem of the beginner. Management is very different from arcade racing, including water. Here it is the most realistic and truly simulation. The left slider controls the speed of rowing and braking, and the right slider controls the turns. The control also involves a gyroscope, the slopes of the smartphone are responsible for the deviation of the center of gravity of the rower and help in turns and jumps. It should be noted that each raft, kayak, canoe or catamaran have their own characteristics of speed, maneuverability and stability. It is logical that the more expensive the boat, the higher these characteristics.

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