Raidcoons The Viking Raccoons

Raidcoons: The Viking Raccoons

Publish Date: August 11, 2019
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Raidcoons: The Viking Raccoons — gather a powerful army of Viking raccoons who will go on conquests. The game takes place in an alternative world where you control a settlement of animals that are trying to RAID in order to plunder enemies. Send soldiers on long voyages on the seas that they returned back with good production which will help you with development of the village. Gradually, the population will increase, you will be able to hire more different units and unlock new places for ships and treasure storage. It is also possible to give your soldiers a more menacing look with the help of various items of clothing and weapons. In addition, in Raidcoons there are mini-games that will help brighten up the wait until your wards are back from the next campaign. Don’t forget about completing quests and earning achievements to get more useful rewards.

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