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Police Helicopter Crime Arrest

Publish Date: November 25, 2016
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Helicopter pilot duty starts for you in this police chase 3D of criminal cars. So patrol from sky above on city streets and look for suspicious drivers who may be escaping from scene of crime. Enjoy this high-tech flight of police interceptor to target & arrest speeding criminals to put them behind jail bars. Yes .. help your colleague police officers in this helicopter crime arrest. So, are you ready to fulfill a new cop duty in flying helicopter and look for rash driving vehicles? And here are some roles you have to fulfill as pilot in your real chopper simulator as:

Help police squad … Look for robbers & arrest criminals – fly fast your helicopter simulator …

Jump in your chopper’s cockpit …Become real pilot & make sure you do not bang into any rival cars. Yes protect city from crooked gangsters in this cop chase by not crashing or smashing any pro car driver as innocent citizen. Remember you have sniper gun in your gunship copter while chase missions. So in this helicopter flying enjoy thrilling effects in gangsters battle with your real police. Just do not disturb busy traffic. Provide justice to innocent people and look for vehicle containing target assigned to you to be taken to jail.

Prisoner Escape Activity has reached your fellow police squad …

Helipad is waiting for your emergency landing to transport prisoners to an isolated location in suburban as some thugs have given your police officers intel of prison escape activity. Use best parking & landing expertise to make chopper stand on exact mark. Make sure you use best helicopter flying controls in this life simulation & ride over city skyscrapers from narrow gaps, so that your movement of prisoners is not detected by gang mafia from prison.

Evil criminals are ready to attack President convoy ….

Some Valuable sports car has been hired to attack president protocol team. It is your officer duty to help police cars make convoy move in secure way by keeping an eye from above in your flight simulator. Make this movement save with your best piloting skills in new flying mission.

So download Police Helicopter crime arrest as our new cop chase simulator & experience real life events.


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