Pocket Tower Building Game

Pocket Tower: Building Game & Megapolis Builder

Publish Date: June 1, 2019
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Pocket Tower: Building Game & Megapolis Builder — awesome clicker for Android devices. Organize your business from scratch! You have to start with a small house of several floors, which will be inhabited by the first inhabitants. Each floor is a separate business, start developing it. Open bars, restaurants, coffee houses, shops, ateliers, beauty salons and recruit first-class staff from the inhabitants of its facilities. Populate your city with celebrities, the more of them you make the better your building.

Do not stop at the development of one tower, take on new ones, grow your capital and become a real tycoon. Step by step, create an incredible beauty of the metropolis, try yourself as the mayor of this beautiful city, engaged in its development, participate in marathons, daily tasks, get bonuses and even more profit. Become a monopolist and turn your city into a real business Empire!

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