Milk Factory

Milk Factory

Publish Date: August 7, 2019
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Milk Factory — idle game from Green Panda Games in which you control your own factory for the production of milk. Milk can be not only tasty and useful, but also bring a huge income. Don’t believe? Then rather go to the game Milk Factory and become the Manager of his own enterprise. Dairy is a casual game with clinker elements on the theme of milk production and sale. Manage all the processes in the factory to create as much milk as possible, and for this continuously upgrade your factory, so increase the level of your cows, discover new breeds, install additional lines, buy upgrades for dairy machines and trucks. Ultimately, you will have only one goal, it is to speed up the process to make a fortune and become a tycoon. In the Milk Factory of incremental gameplay, i.e. the production can run without your participation, so we can only watch from the sidelines or to be more active.

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