Love Choice – High school stories: desire episode

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The description

Love Choice – High school stories: desire episodes – a simulator that allows you to plunge into different love stories. Someone is not indifferent to their friend, and someone tries to become better and finds a new person for himself in his life. Get ready to experience a storm of different emotions!

Choose one of the stories you like and begin to delve into the essence of the plot, along the way, choosing the appropriate answer options. The choice will seriously affect the consequences. Rejecting one character in the present, someone can trick you into the future. There is enough story for each player, and in some episodes there is even magic. You will have a choice: to become an affectionate victim or turn into a strong hunter who pursues his goals tirelessly. Become a mysterious enchanted person or join the evil witches who do their thing on dark nights under the guise of darkness!

The appearance of the protagonist can vary within the same story, but you can easily change the suit of your ward. Go to the appearance settings menu and start experimenting with clothes. Love Choice carries with it a fairly wide range of shirts, t-shirts, glasses and trousers, and there will be enough accessories for everyone. As mentioned earlier, the game is endowed with such a property as replayability. Try to plunge into a story a second time, but choose other answers – who knows, maybe the characters will start to behave in a completely different way and the world will find new colors? Thousands of different situations offer you a unique choice!

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Updated 12.06.2020
Category Simulation
Latest Version 0.3.3
Publish Date 03.05.2020
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