Jones Jomblo Is Happiness

Jones: Jomblo is Happiness

Publish Date: December 17, 2018
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Jones: Jomblo is Happiness is an exciting android game where your task will be to find friends in a new school. In this game, you will be taken to high school where you will face many difficulties. Balance your life between school, social life, finances and romantic relationships. At school, you will meet four new friends, each of whom has a unique character and unique appearance. Make informed decisions that directly affect the future course of the story and lead to one of the five endings.

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  1. Jaksshwi 20.12.2018 in 00:03

    Tolong buat game ana yg baong keluarganya

  2. Jaksshwi 20.12.2018 in 00:08

    Ana yg baong kepada keluarga nya

  3. Ad 20.12.2018 in 00:10



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