Idle Painter

Publish Date: April 21, 2019
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Idle Painter — taymkiller SayGames, which is a clicker with painting different pictures. In fact, the game requires a minimum of action on the part of the player, you just watch how the picture is drawn. However, this process can be accelerated, touch the screen of your Android device to earn more money for each pixel. You will spend the accumulated game funds to buy one of the five improvements, including the speed of drawing, the number of pens, etc. When the image is complete, you can share it through social networks. There are at least 300 levels, which are also divided into topics, and their full passage will take some time. If you like clickers and timekillers, it is possible Idle Painter will be a great solution, because the player needs a minimum amount of effort, and in return you get the most pleasure, because it is difficult to predict in advance what will be displayed in the picture.


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