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Cosmos Quest

Publish Date: February 18, 2019
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Cosmos Quest — mobile game from the developer Kongregate in which you will lead civilization through different eras. Having found the mystical stone, your civilization saw how great discoveries happen faster and faster. This magic stone absorbs the energy you generate and allows you to travel through time and space to parallel universes to progress at a more accelerated rate. Starting the game, you will go a long and exciting way through the centuries with civilization, starting with the fire and ending with a journey to the distant stars. Unlock different heroes who will fight for you and improve their characteristics to cope with strong opponents. In Cosmos Quest idle gameplay with elements of a clicker, pixel representation of graphics, pumping of levels of heroes, battles with enemies from different times, and also there is a PvP mode for battles with players. Will you be able to conquer the universe and reveal the mystery of the mystical stone?


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