Cat Simulator Kitty Craft

Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft

Publish Date: July 22, 2019
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Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft — if you like kittens, you will surely be delighted with this game. You can choose the breed of kitten, as well as the area where the game will take place. You have the opportunity to explore any of the seven proposed houses with adjoining plots. Also, to complete each level you need to go through some quest tasks. These include catching nimble field mice, making a mess on the dining and work tables, you may need to break fragile vases or scratch the carpets and furniture in the house.

In every house there are people, and some of them you can scare. They can also tell you something if you touch them. Usually people in houses busy with their own Affairs, they can communicate with each other, have dinner, work or even sleep. When jumping on objects and moving them, you can earn coins, thanks to which other breeds of cats are unlocked.

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