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Biotix 2: Phage Evolution

Publish Date: March 12, 2019
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Biotix 2: Phage Evolution — immerse yourself in a merciless war of living organisms in the continuation of mobile strategy. Keep evolution under control by creating a deadly virus that fights for life in the microworld. As in the first part, the main task is to completely capture other people’s cells on the playing field. Send viruses to the nearest neutral cells, increase their number and tactically surpass the opponent. You can send viruses either individually or as a group by isolating several of your cells. The earlier you cope with the level, the higher the chances to earn three stars. Use mutations, improve genes and conduct forbidden experiments to create the most tenacious and strong organism. Show your talents strategist in a deadly battle with other microorganisms, becoming the dominant species, and for this install the second part of the strategy Biotix 2: Phage Evolution on a mobile device.

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